Health Insurance

Health Insurance covers your Medial Coverage including your Surgical, Illness and injury.

February 28, 2019

Health Insurance

Health insurance is going through massive changes with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At GHB, we sort through the options available in this new environment to […]
April 13, 2019
Affordable Health Insurance Vs Expensive Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance Vs Expensive Health Insurance

Many people opt for the least expensive health insurance available to them and their family. As premiums go up year after year since the days of […]
May 8, 2019


So, you just bought your new health insurance plan that covers your family. The cost of your premiums has gone up considerably over the years, but […]
June 8, 2019
Being Self-Employed doesn't mean you're Doomed with Health Insurance.

Being Self-Employed doesn’t mean you’re Doomed with Health Insurance.

The world of owning your own business or being an entrepreneur has its benefits. We’ve all heard the mantras “be your own boss”, or “make your […]
June 20, 2019
Cancer Insurance Policy

Cancer Policy Pays in Time of Need

We often hear clients say they are in good health and may not need insurance or they need a minimal amount. Typically, the younger the client, […]
July 19, 2019
GA Insurance

Health Insurance Options – One Size DOES NOT Fit All

Thankfully, insurance is not one size fits all as many people have health care needs that are unique to them and maybe even unique to the […]
September 26, 2019
Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance Gives Peace of Mind to International Travelers

We all love traveling abroad – whether for business or pleasure spending time abroad is an exciting experience. As long as you don’t get sick or […]