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Thankfully, insurance is not one size fits all as many people have health care needs that are unique to them and maybe even unique to the city, they live in. Mindy and Daniel are a middle-class family with both spouses working full time and two children in high school. Mindy is a hairstylist and Daniel works for a small manufacturing company. Unfortunately, neither company offers health insurance to its employees, so Mindy and Daniel enrolled in an HMO for their family.  Mindy and her family are in good health and the HMO has been effective at helping their family stay healthy.

Mindy and her family remained in good health throughout the years and the HMO adequately served their healthcare needs. While on vacation, Mindy contracted a rare virus that caused Bell’s Palsey – a rare condition where the facial muscles become weak or paralyzed. While Bell’s Palsey is typically a temporary condition, in Mindy’s case the facial paralysis did not lessen, and the HMO doctors were stumped.

Mindy began her research to find doctors that successfully helped patients with Bell’s Palsey. As she continued her quest to find medical care, she found two doctors in the country that successfully reversed Bell’s Palsey through a series of complex facial nerve surgeries. One doctor was located in Texas and one in California – neither close to Atlanta where Mindy and her family lived. Mindy called both doctors to find out that she was a candidate for their neurosurgeries. The doctor in Texas had more flexibility in his schedule and Mindy chose him – understanding she needed to get her insurance details sent to his office.

Mindy was making progress on finding a solution to her health issue, so she called her HMO to begin the process of scheduling her first trip to Texas. She remembered when the topic of insurance and payment came up and Mindy learned neither doctor accepted the HMO as the HMO does not cover medical costs incurred out of state. Mindy was frustrated and stuck as she found a doctor to help her condition, but her HMO wasn’t going to pay for the procedures which could cost up to $400,000!

Mindy called Georgia Insurance Brokers and explained her situation. The licensed agents listened to Mindy’s situation and immediately assured Mindy she had options. After hearing Mindy’s specifics, the license health broker proposed a group plan for Mindy and her family through Mindy’s hairstyling business as she works for herself.

The Atlanta Health Insurance broker first asked many questions to determine the available options and the best course of action. After considering everything it was determined that Mindy could incorporate her hair cutting business – after all, she worked for herself and her husband did all of the accounting, bookkeeping, and marketing. Mindy incorporated her LLC under state law and the first two employees were Mindy and Daniel.

The new group plan began on the first of the month after Mindy called the experts at Georgia Health Brokers and shortly thereafter Mindy and Daniel made their way to Texas for their first consultation with the Bell’s Palsey surgeon. Over the next two years, Mindy had three surgeries on her facial nerves while the doctor rebuilt the damaged nerves. Mindy’s total out of pocket medical costs were just under $2,000 for the three operations. Now, two years later, Mindy has recovered from her three surgeries, and Daniel and she are forever grateful for their health – which was restored thanks to the guidance from Georgia Health Insurance Brokers.

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