You Can’t Plan for an Accident, Except…..

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accident plan

There’s an old saying that you can only REALLY be sure of two things – death and taxes. Each day we venture out into a world full of unknown risks and challenges. It’s the reality that accidents happen every day no matter what we do to avoid them.

Accidents cost money in many ways, including medical expenses, lost wages and repairs to material objects. We can not prepare for an accidental by nature as it’s an unplanned event.  It can be a slip and fall, a car accident or a pulled hamstring on the basketball court. In any event, an accident leaves you with a trip to the hospital or the doctor’s office and many out of pocket expenses that you may not have thought about previously. Most of us have an insurance or medical cost shattering policy that will cover medical expenses, but what if we can’t go to work while we are injured recovering from an accident? How do we pay our bills and keep our life going?

An accident plan (through a supplemental insurance policy) is a great way to cover unexpected expenses. This type of insurance will help protect your personal finances and pay for things that major medical plans won’t. This money will be paid directly to you and you can use the cash for anything you want like paying the mortgage, the medical cost deductible or the crutches that you may need to remain mobile. Some plans will even pay you cash to get your annual wellness exam. There is no underwriting or coordination of benefits and you can choose your own health provider. This peace of mind is important in today’s world where there is so much uncertainty!

With any insurance or health care cost-sharing plan, there are some caveats within each company or policy: however, a qualified licensed Georgia insurance broker can easily help you navigate through your options. Georgia Health Insurance brokers help you through the process of learning and exploring options to best fit your family and your needs. at process.

At Georgia Health Brokers, we thrive on helping people find the best possible health insurance plan for their individual and specific situation. We are licensed brokers, trained and certified to help entrepreneurs, individuals, and their families find the best health care plans at the most affordable price. Remember, there is never a charge to clients for the services provided by licensed Georgia insurance brokers

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