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July 19, 2019
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Group health Insurance

Georgia Insurance Brokers makes it easy to set up a group plan for your business or your family business. Even a husband and wife casually working together can qualify as a group and then get group health insurance.

Group health insurance is an employee benefit plan that is established and or maintained by the employer or an employee organization. This plan provides medical care for the participants and their dependents. Businesses with two or more employees are eligible to purchase a group health insurance plan.  Typically group plans are less expensive and more cost-effective. Because the health insurance premiums are taken out of the employee’s paycheck, they are paid with pre-tax dollars and therefore the employees pay less in annual taxes. The Employer then pays less in payroll taxes and can also deduct the portion of the premium paid on behalf of the employee.

Once the group is properly set up your Georgia Health Insurance Broker, group health insurance works almost exactly the same as individual plans. The amount you pay each month for your plan is called your premium. Then insurance companies pay a portion of your medical costs, including your doctor visits for checkups, illnesses, and injuries. Each plan varies in cost and some may have very high deductibles with lower premiums, while others have high premiums with lower deductibles.

If you think a group health insurance plan may be the best way to go for your family and you call your Georgia Insurance Broker today.

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