Specialized Insurance

Why specialized insurance

Sometimes you cannot fit a round peg into a square hole. Life situations and circumstances may require a person to seek specialized coverage for situations that would otherwise pose financial risks. We have experience in helping clients with several kinds of specialized insurance.

Advantages & Benefits of Specialized Insurance

Specialized insurance may include plans like dental, vision and cancer i policies to name a few. These specialized policies pay you cash when a special or certain event occurs such as an accident or even a planned surgery. The specialized policies are separate from your major medical coverage. They are designed to complement the coverage you have and complete the gaps financially when there is an unexpected hospital stay, an accident or a diagnosis of cancer to name a few.


This kind of insurance helps to pay out of pocket medical costs arising from an accident. If you have health insurance, an accident plan can help you pay deductibles and coinsurance costs arising from an accident. If you don’t have health insurance, the plan can apply directly to your costs. If you are active in such a way that you have the risk of an accident. Accident plans can come to your financial rescue.
This insurance compensates for the income you may lose due to an inability to work at your trade or business. There are short term (3-X months) and long term (more than X months) policies available.
Technically term life insurance, critical illness plans pay all or a specified percentage of the benefit amount purchased — say, a $200,000 term benefit. If the insured person is diagnosed with a critical illness — such as cancer, heart attack, stroke — the policy pays the benefit amount. Some plans pay partial benefits for other medical conditions.
This helps pay deductibles and co-payments. You choose benefits and premiums. It pays Benefits directly to you unless assigned to help with hospital bills and out-of-pocket costs It also pays in addition to all other insurance and workers compensation.