Georgia Health Insurance

Advantages & Benefits of Health Insurance

Without health insurance, you would have to pay your medical bills yourself out of your earnings or savings. Even worse, some people have to borrow money to pay their medical bills. By having health insurance in place the insurance company pays the doctors, providers, facilities, prescriptions, medical supplies, etc...

What Federal Health Care Law Changes Mean to Customers

The Health Insurance Marketplace has undergone massive changes since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Pre-existing conditions no longer matter in getting a compliant plan. You can shop on and other benefit exchanges or you can buy plans directly from insurance companies. There are new deadlines to get coverage and limitations on your ability to get coverage outside the open enrollment periods. Tax credits and financial assistance are sometimes available to ease the strain on limited family budgets.

How Georgia Health Insurance Brokers Helps You?

At Georgia Insurance Brokers, Our Agent sort through the various options available in this new environment with a single goal in mind—find the best possible coverage and the best possible price for each client. Sometimes this is not the least expensive coverage, but sometimes it is. We get to know your situation and find options that suit you. It costs you no more to use an agent than to do it yourself..

Our Experience in Health Insurance

Baby Boomers and the generation before they are an important part of our focus and our business. Many Boomers find themselves out of traditional jobs and either starting a business or even retiring early. This raises special insurance issues as people move from employer insurance to individual insurance, to Medicare-related insurance. We’ll be there to help you through this tricky transition.
We have a strong presence in the small business market and have been involved in the effort to implement the SHOP marketplace effort. There are many good reasons for small business to sponsor plans—even if they don’t legally have to. Let us show you the numbers.
Colorado Health Brokers has one of the largest client bases for individual and family coverage in the state of Colorado. We were there for the first implementation of Obamacare and were among the leaders in understanding and navigating this new health insurance world.
People of all ages are starting businesses and hopefully struggling with the demands of early success. Talented people may be scarce and you may need to offer benefit packages to attract the best employees. From comprehensive medical plans for you and your employees, to affordable benefit packages that can lower financial risks for all employees.