Travel Health Insurance Gives Peace of Mind to International Travelers

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Travel Health Insurance

We all love traveling abroad – whether for business or pleasure spending time abroad is an exciting experience. As long as you don’t get sick or stuck in another country. Just this week, Thomas Cook airlines announced they were immediately ceasing operations, as one headline read “Thomas Cook Travel Company Collapses, Stranding Thousands.” Hundreds of customers were stuck in various countries around the globe as the announcement came with planes in the air.

When buying travel insurance, make sure your plan covers trip interruption AND health emergencies – with 24/7 global assistance. Travel insurance is very inexpensive, yet the peace of mind is invaluable.

Many people have no idea their domestic health insurance provides limited or no coverage when traveling internationally. For instance, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield pays the “negotiated rate” for procedures performed overseas which could leave you with a bill at a foreign hospital for the balance. Some countries reportedly will take away your passport (leaving you stuck internationally) until the medical bill is paid in full. While no one expects to ever have a medical emergency, unpredictable illnesses and accidents can and do happen, and the resulting medical bills can be overwhelming if not impossible to pay.

With travel medical and trip interruption insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have medical and trip coverage to support you in your time of need. If you want to see just how affordable travel health insurance can call Georgia Health Brokers to explore your options. We offer low deductibles, high maximum limits and affordable premiums.

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